Saturday, January 24

The magic box

One day, my grandfather brought back a magic box called “Tannen’s Magic Mystery box”. He said it’s a 15 dollars magic box where you can put 25 dollars magic tricks. I totally forgot what was inside but by looking at the picture I found, they are definitely fun. I do remember I was enjoying the mask on my face; I even wanted to have it on while eating my dinner.

Monday, January 12

The good news from the hospital

During the time when he was in the hospital, our family was not allowed to visit him, which I think everyone knew why. I think it was because the failed mission from the train crash was top secret or something like that. I was so sad and worried about my grandfather that I couldn’t finish my dinners even though they are my favorite foods. So, he sent a postcard to me just to let me know he is fine and he is coming back soon. After that I was so happy because I know this time he is coming back forever. And I always want to eat more than I can just because I wanted to grow up faster.

Friday, January 9

The letter "He is coming back"

This is the letter he wrote before the train crash. I found it from my father’s house along with the postcards.

(When I was a child, I always wondered who that guy on the stamp was).